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Heidi Garrett
16.02.2024 16:09:11
Your days of leisure reflect so many details we often forget after a wonderful adventure. Many thanks for writing about your encounters, conversations and observations. Totally agree with the cross cultural similarities especially in our tech-centered world. Keep writing!
Heidi Garrett
03.02.2024 15:52:51
Hello Adi and Ute - I am slow to catch up with your whirlwind of a travel log through Malaysia. I'm thoroughly enjoying your moment-by-moment impressions of the people and places and how you interpret our place in the world. Still laughing how the spelling is not certain and the music is so Americanized.
Also loved the paradox of the Muslim women and kissing in the streets - noticing Chinese culture how friendly and the mix of religions - a place for everyone mingling. Here, especially in our new retired space, we are so gentrified and isolated from mixed cultures and I miss the mixture of cultures.
..."Malacca, Melacca, Malaka, Melaca, Malacca or whatever the correct spelling is. We found everything on signs, town boards, whatever. We stand around in the area, a little disoriented - while the song “Hotel California” ..."
Moggl & Alban Mähner
17.01.2024 22:20:07
Einen DICKEN FETTEN Geburtstagskuss für Dich, liebste Ute🥂🥰 Happy Birthday to youuuuu💐
Freuen uns über und weiterhin auf eure kurzen Berichte hier! 🩷💜💝
17.01.2024 12:05:24
Vielleicht hattet ihr ja in Singapur mal Zeit, mein altes Domizil „Carribean at Keppel Bay“ aufzusuchen und im Raffles Hotel einen Singapore Sling zu trinken ;-)
Aber heute viel wichtiger!!!
Astrid Hopf
15.01.2024 08:17:03
Ich wünsche Euch einen ruhigen und entspannten Flug und viel Spaß in Singapur. Bin auf Eure Bilder gespannt, da ich von Singapur bisher nur den Flughafen kenne. Wünsche Euch eine tolle Zeit.
Liebe Grüße, Astrid
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